Facta Award 2023

Technical and Scientific Achievement

This award acknowledges the technical and scientific merit of professionals with outstanding contributions to the development of Brazilian aviculture.




Concerning the awards


1st Article – At each yearly FACTA Conference, the foundation delivers the following award:

FACTA Award – Professional of the Year: awarded to a technical/scientific professional of outstanding merit.

All professionals with links to aviculture can make nominations by offering a justification and sending a summarized CV of the nominee.

  • Sole paragraph. All nominations will be considered, except for self-nominations. The final decision will be made by the Judging Comittee.


Concerning the regulations

2nd Article – The Judging Comittee will be comprised of all members of the technical council of FACTA and one extra member nominated by the Curating Council.

3rd Article – Nominations must be sent to FACTA until March 31, 2023 through the formulary below. Nominations are only valid when containing a CV.

4th Article – The award winner will be announced during the yearly FACTA Conference.

5th Article – The awarded professional will only be able to receive the award again after 5 years.



Concerning the prize

6th Article – The winner of the award shall receive a Certificate of Merit for the FACTA Award of Professional of the Year and will be exempt from the registration fee for the FACTA Conference.

Sole paragraph: No appeal will be accepted after the nominations, and any questions that arise will be dealt with in the course of the ordinary meetings of FACTA’s technical council.

Preencha o formulário abaixo para indicar alguém ao “Prêmio Facta”: