Rules - Lamas Award 2023


Summaries must be of complete and original papers not yet accepted for publication in any journal.

Summaries accepted for publication in the Lamas Award Annals of the FACTA WPSA-Brazil 2023 Conference will be published digitally and in videos uploaded in the FACTA YOUTUBE channel

** Authors must be aware of patent and copyright regulations before submitting summaries for publication.**



Summaries must be in English.

Summaries can only be submitted eletronically.

The deadline for submission is April 16, 2023. Summaries sent after this date will not be accepted.

Submitted summaries can be edited at any time before the submission deadline. Summaries can only be accessed using the password and tracking code generated by the system.

Do not send the same summary more than once.

There is a limit of two (2) summaries per responsible author, who must beregistered in the event.

The presenter must be registered for the Conference.

Submission must be made exclusively through the system and fields indicated by FACTA.

Summaries cannot contain neither tables nor graphs.


Authors MUST indicate the AREA of knowledge:


TITLE – not part of the summary body. Should be inserted in a specific field of the form. The title must not be in bold and only the first word should be capitalized, except for proper names.

Example: Profile of poultry meat consumers in Brazil

AUTHORS – not part of the summary body Should be inserted in a specific field of the form.

Note: the presenter must be registered for the FACTA WPSA-Brazil 2023 Conference.

SUMMARY TEXT – must not exceed 2.300 words, already limited in the submission form, and cannot contain tables and/or graphs.

The text must contain a brief introduction, objectives, materials and methods, results obtained, and conclusion.

Key-words (up to 5) for indexation must be inserted separately in a specific field of the form. They should not be in the summary title.

Notice of acceptance and type of presentation will be sent to the email of the author responsible for the submission, following the schedule published in the website of the Conference.


– the recording must be made by the author/responsible by the sumary;

– the video must have a maximum of 10 minutes;

– the recording template will be sent by FACTA until May 01, 2023 to the responsible author’s email.

– the video must be sent to FACTA through the platform with the file named with the work code generated by the system;

– The 4 works running for the Award will be announced during the FACTA Conference.